The ”All-in-one” immunoassay control, combining hormones, cardiac and tumour markers

  • Human serum with no preservatives or stabilizers added
  • Comprehensive product documentation, providing assigned values for more than 50 analytes
  • Three clinically relevant levels – each level available separately
  • Long shelf life


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Art no Product Kit size
212405 Autonorm™ Immunoassay Lyo L-1 12x3 mL Send inquiry
212505 Autonorm™ Immunoassay Lyo L-2 12x3 mL Send inquiry
212605 Autonorm™ Immunoassay Lyo L-3 12x3 mL Send inquiry


AFP AMH Anti-TG Anti-TPO β-hCG, total CA 125 CA 15-3 CA 19-9 CEA CK-MB Cortisol DHEA-Sulfate Digoxin EPO Estradiol Ferritin Folate FSH hGH Homocysteine IgE, total Insulin LH Myoglobin Ostase Progesterone Prolactin PSA, free PSA, total PTH, intact SHBG T3, free T3, total T4, free T4, total Testosterone Thyroglobulin Troponin I TSH Vitamin B12 25-OH-Vitamin D, total

Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims.


4 years stability when stored at 2-8 °C

  • After reconstitution (with a few exceptions):
    1 month at ≤ - 20 °C when frozen within 30 minutes
    10 days at 2-8 °C

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