SERO, a leading supplier of customized controls worldwide

In addition to the production of our own branded controls, we have decades of experience in serving the IVD industry with custom-made materials. Naturally, these controls benefit from the same reputation and have the same high standards as our brand-name controls. SERO has the same focus on quality and uses the same raw materials, the same certified manufacturing processes and the same documentation for both branded and customized controls.

SERO collaborates with challenging customers all over the world. Among our partners are major Top 10 international IVD companies, reagent manufacturers and national/regional EQA organizers.

Based on more than 30 years of experience with immunoassay controls as well as the international success of Seronorm™ Immunoassay, the most complete general immunoassay control on the market, we regularly tailor-make immunoassay QC materials for leading IVD players and EQA organizations.

Examples of QC materials that we could supply:
- Routine serum chemistry ( human or animal matrix )
- Routine urine chemistry
- Lipids
- Hormones
- Tumor markers
- Cardiac markers
- Proteins
- Therapeutic drugs
- Specialty and point-of-care controls (CRP, HbA1C, hemoglobin, glucose…)
- Trace elements and heavy metals

Naturally, as we produce to order, it is up to our partners to choose batch size, filling volume and format – liquid, liquid frozen or lyophilized. 

Collaboration process

Understanding the needs, analyzing them, working on how to meet them, discussing them directly with our partners and finding the best solutions together are all important parts of our business-to-business philosophy. The extensive experience of customization gives SERO a unique ability to produce very specific batches – sometimes so specific that only very few manufacturers in the world can produce them!

Every kind of product in SERO’s areas of expertise and every type of collaboration can be discussed – from conventional collaboration based on the delivery of unlabeled vials shipped on trays, to a more complete partnership based on finished kits.