SERO AS - The independent control sera specialist since 1963

Prof. Dr. Med. Lorentz Eldjarn, a pioneer in the field of quality assurance in laboratory medicine, started developing control sera as early as the 1950s. Professor Eldjarn’s extensive knowledge of laboratory quality led to the establishment of SERO in 1963. 

SERO is a Norwegian expertise-based biotechnology company specializing in quality control materials, and has for decades made significant contributions to better diagnosis as well as a higher level of laboratory medicine worldwide through its world-class products.

SERO manufactures the following renowned products - Seronorm™, Pathonorm™ and Autonorm™. We distribute these products directly in Scandinavia and through a network of specialized distributors outside of Scandinavia. As more and more laboratories understand the importance of using third-party controls fully independent from their instruments and reagents, the SERO branded controls have become more and more popular internationally. The requirements of the accreditation process, as well as the recommendations of national authorities in a growing number of countries, will likely contribute to enhance the use of such high-quality independent controls.

In addition, we also provide customized controls to quality-conscious diagnostic companies and organizations and we are proud to be in partnership with some of the leading international IVD companies.
With continuous growth year after year and high quality controls available in about 60 countries, SERO is the control sera pioner and one of the leading control sera producers in the world.