Colorectal cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world and one of the main causes of death from cancer, also in Scandinavia. There is a growing need for effective diagnosis of disease as traditional chemical methods for the detection of blood in faeces have many potential sources of error and require extensive dietary restrictions. FIT testing can effectively help to identify the patients who should first get access to colonoscopy, and thus limit and target colonoscopy resources.

SERO is distributing the FOBT/FIT system OC-Sensor manufactured by EIKEN, Japan. The system measures haemoglobin in faeces, which is used for detecting gastrointestinal bleeding associated with disorders such as colorectal cancer, polyps and diverticulitis.

The sampling kit contains a sampling tube for easy and hygienic collection of stool sample, at home by the patient or at the clinic. The sampling tube has a flat profile, to make shipping to the laboratory expedient. 

Two fully automated FOBT/FIT instruments for different needs of throughput are available for analysing samples in medical laboratories.

• For large analysis throughput (i.a population screening), OC-Sensor Pledia is recommended (320 tests/hour).
• For small analysis throughput, OC-Sensor io is recommended (88 tests/hour) 

Only a minimum of staff are required to serve the instruments, that are well-known as user-friendly and effective, with adjustable cut offs.

Technical specifications (OC-sensor Pledia)                       Technical specifications (OC-Sensor io)

SERO supplies all the colorectal cancer screening programs in Scandinavia and as a result SERO has built up a unique Scandinavian FIT network, based on the users of the OC-Sensor system in the laboratories both in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The network is highly appreciated by the users, and contains biomedical scientists, researchers and other professionals involved in the different screening programs.
To maintain the network SERO regularly arrange user meetings for scientific exchange across the different screening programs.

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