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Focus on accuracy

Laboratory quality control requires a focus on both precision and trueness as defined in ISO 5725-1/1994 & ISO Guide 99/2007. For most analytes and methods imprecision is a minor problem compared to the lack of trueness and comparability with other methods and laboratories. The right choice of control sera will enable an independent performance evaluation of instruments, reagents and calibrators.

SERO’s accuracy controls can be used both for the verification of calibrators and for the monitoring of day to day precision. In addition, the information supplied with the controls can be used to compare the trueness of your analytical results with other instruments and reference methods. The SERO lot-specific product documentation provides specific information on analytical results, methods, an uncertainty budget and traceability in accordance with ISO 17511.

For many analytes, the analytical values are traceable to the highest level of the calibration hierarchy with reference methods and/ or reference materials, whenever available.

In other words – values everyone can trust.

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